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What Are You Looking At? Mystical Quantum Healing Music for the Soul Multidimensional Crystal Butterfly: The Voice of Maria Celeste G. Bursting with Life
Green Magnificence Nature's Vibrance Return To The Heart Of The Infinite Source Zeroing In On The Galactic Center

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An Invitation to Co-Create Divine Realities


Come Participate In Creating a Whole New Reality for Humanity 


How to Participate in Raising the Consciousness of Humanity

from this sector of the Lightworking Community

Working with The Divine Seraphim Energies of
Transformation, Transfiguration, and Transmutation
for Human and Cosmic Evolution



Twelve Ways You Can Participate





∞ ONE ∞

Be Your Authentic Self and Follow Your Heart

and Inner Guidance each moment.

Endeavor To Determine Your Own Unique Healing Path, 

Divine Expression and Soul Purpose

For This Lifetime and Live It.

Know Yourself.



∞ TWO ∞

Seek To Respect The Dynamic Balance Of The

"Male/Yang/Electric" and "Female/Yin/Magnetic"

Energies and Principles Within Yourself According To

Your Unique Individuality, While Respecting and Honoring

The Natural Dynamic Balance And Flow

Of Everything and Everyone Around You.

Balance Freedom Of Choice With Self-Responsibility.





Call Forth, Heal, Validate, Nurture, Empower,

Honor, and Love Your Inner Child. 

Extend Your Continuing Progress On Your Healing Path

To Others Who Would Resonate With Your Truth and Values.


When You Begin to Experience Sufficient Integration within Yourself,

You Will Begin to Re-discover and Consciously Realize

Unconditional Love.  You Will Naturally Be Able to

See, Honor, and Love the Pure Child In Others

No Matter What Role They are Embodying in this Lifetime,

Keeping in Mind That There Is No Small Role

and that Each of Us Are Doing The Best We Can

with the Current Level of Awareness We Have

At Any Given Moment.


Furthermore, Give All Children of Today The Love, Affection,

Validation, Support and Empowerment That They Have Come Here For.




Listen With Full Love and Respect

To What They Are To Teach Us About Ourselves

and Where Our Humanity On Earth Is Heading Towards

As A Species and As Part Of The Galactic and Cosmic Family.



∞ FOUR ∞

Utilize the Intuitive Healing Creations 

(Art, Music, Poetry, Videos, etc.) found in this

Stargate Portal Website as Personal Spiritual Tools.


These Divine Gifts are intended for our healing,

 DNA activation and transmutation, expansion of consciousness,

and spiritual awakening, individually and as a collective.

Use these spiritual tools according to inner guidance

and begin to observe the changes, upgrades, downloads,

graces, blessings, healings and transformation

that you will be receiving in your day-to-day life

Meditate/Pray/Contemplate/Reflect using the Sacred Gifts

as often as needed based on your own inner guidance,

and watch how your own healing and spiritual development

transform how you experience

your relationships and the outside world. 


Your Healing Path is always supported by

the Divine Light and Sound Frequency

Encodements from The Infinite Source.

All you need to do is to make the choice

to receive grace and healing in your life. 


Important Note: These gifts are FREE.

*The Sacred Resources and Gifts that can be received

through this website are being offered for FREE and are

intended for anyone who resonates with the

tonal and color frequencies herein.

More Spiritual Tools will be added so please visit

as often as you are guided by your Spirit.


Articles, Materials, Tools, and Other Resources Pertaining To

Health, Wellness, Science, Culture, Sustainable Living Conditions,

Environmental Awareness and Proactive Involvement, and More

Will Be Included In This Website In Due Time.


Kindly leave a message if you have questions or concerns HERE:

Contact the Artist 




∞ FIVE ∞

You Could Share This Website and Its Contents To Others

Who You Feel May Benefit From It and May Want to Participate.

Bookmark and Share



∞ SIX ∞

Subscribe To Our Newsletter and/or Join Our Mailing List

To Stay Informed Of Updates and Developments.


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Feel Free To Donate Any Amount If Your Heart Tells You So.


Should You Wish To Donate Any Amount,

Kindly Click On The Secure PayPal Button Below.





Should you wish to make monetary contributions in other ways,

you may Contact The Artist.



Your contributions will be used for the cost of operation for the outreach

that is being done for the healing of humanity and the expansion of consciousness

of everyone who may benefit from the Divine Gifts from this sector of the Lightwork.


Thank You Very Much. Boundless Blessings, Love and Gratitude To One and All!



If you feel it is for you and/or your Loved Ones,

you can avail of the

Products and Personlized Services**

being offered by the Artist.


**This supports the well-being, work and ministry of the artist,

helping her to reach more of those who sincerely seek and truly need

the Healing and Guidance from this sector of the Lightworking Community.


To find out about the Products and Services being offered

kindly visit the following link:


Products and Services by Maria






Prayers, Moral Support, Good Will, Pure Loving Intent, and Such

Are Also Very Much Welcome As A Form of Contribution To the Lightwork

and The Vision In Unconditional Love and Gratitude

In Service To Humanity and Infinite Source.





This Website and Platform for the Lightwork is Organic and As Such,

More Segments Will Be Added and so Suggestions and

Your Offered Personal Services Promoting and Supporting

the Same Values, Mission, Vision, Goals, and Aims Herein

are Very Much Welcome and Appreciated Anytime.


You Could Also Share Your Own Stories Of Transformation

and Inspiration Which We Will Be Posting 

In One Segment Of This Website Very Soon.


Should you wish to participate in this way kindly Contact The Artist.






You can collaborate with the artist in coming up with

creative works, articles, sub-projects, and other resources

that are resonant, synergistic, and supportive of the

expansion of awarness, the evolution of consciousness,

and spiritual and temporal upliftment of lives. 

These creative endeavors include topics on Spirituality,

Health, Wellness, Science, Culture, Sustainable Living Conditions,

Environmental Awareness and Proactive Involvement, and More.


If you resonate and may wish to participate, you may Contact The Artist.  





Join us at

The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Community Website
(Kindred Spirits for the Seraphim Project 2012-2027)


On December 21, 2012,

The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Community Website

was officially launched in order to reach out further

to those who resonate with its vision and values.

This project will be going on for 15 years facilitating the 

healing, awakening, and ascension of individual souls and soul groups.


To find out more about The Mission, Vision, and Clarion Call of

The Seraphim Project 2012-2027,  visit our Community Website

via the link below.   Come join us if you resonate.


Kindred Spirits for The Seraphim Project 2012-2027: 

Upholding the Divine Vision for Evolving Humanity on Earth






A Letter From My Heart to Yours


Being a Solitary Way-shower and Intuitive Artist and Healer by vocation, 

my Work -- my Divine Expression,  is being offered and shared for the  benefit

of everyone concerned and any form of heart-felt support from you 

will go a long way in helping me reach more people in order to make a difference

in the lives of our brothers and sisters across the globe from all walks of life 

who may be awakened, comforted, and assisted on their Healing Path,

Soul Purpose, and Spiritual Journey by what I am able to give.


The Lightworking and Ministry that I impart may be likened

to what missionaries of old, and street artists throughout space and time

have been doing -- touching lives and ministering to the healing and restoration

of well-being and dignity of respective souls, by the very

Divine Expressions that can be shared, not for profit, but for Love.   


  By supporting this work in any way you can, you personally

and powerfully contribute to the Lightwork

of raising the Consciousness of everyone on the planet.


Kindly share this to everyone you feel may benefit and resonate

with the flow of graces from The Infinite Source through this

Divine Expression of Love, Light, and Purpose. 


Thank you for the heart-felt participation and kind support!


In Unconditional Love and Gratitude,


~Maria Celeste Garcia a.k.a. VelAja TalaLei~

Intuitive Missionary Artist

"Of The Source, At One With The Infinite Source, In Loving Service To Infinite Source"





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