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For those who wish to request for Free Distance Healing and DNA Activation through Prayer and Reiki Petitions, leave a message here regarding the kind of healing and petition that is being asked and the name of the person for whom the request is for. The more specific you are with your request, the better it is for you and me to become more precisely attuned with each other on a soul level.

All messages are received and read although not all messages may get a reply. This is partly because of the volume of mails received through this portal daily. More importantly, it is because a significant part of our individual healing, awakening, and activation processes depend mainly on Synchronicity or Divine Timing as well as the Purity of Intent involved at the moment the assistance is sought.

Distance Healing through Prayers and Reiki will always be given to all who seek and ask. It is the gracious ordinance of the Infinite Mother of All Life, our Divine Providence, that Quantum Healing be provided for the Soul, Mind, and Body of all who are ready and have made the choice to become healed and awakened. As an Akashic Vessel, I act as a bridge and catalyst to facilitate the healing, awakening, and empowerment of all who resonate with my soul.

Infinite Blessings!

In Love and Gratitude,

Maria Celeste Garcia (VelAja TalaLei)


Your privacy is respected and is very important to me. Your email address and the information that you will share with me will be kept sacred and in strict confidence.
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